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CODHHE Committee Meeting Minutes

      2007 Minutes January March May June September November

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CODHHE Letters

2011 Letters   2010 Letters

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Helpful Links

Forms Procedures for Installation of and Monitoring of a DEAF CHILD Warning Sign Related Links Delaware General Assembly Department of Education Developmental Disabilities Council Division of Developmental Disabilities Services Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Division of Social Services Division of Visually Impaired Governor’s Advisory Council for […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When was the Council On Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Equality (CODHHE) established? A. The CODHHE was established by Governor Carper via Executive Order 80 on July 7, 2000. The Executive Order is published under the Information section of this website.   Q. What is the purpose of the CODHHE? A. The purpose of […]

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CODHHE Meetings

CODHHE shall meet no less than five (5) times per year. A simple majority of all CODHHE members or their duly authorized alternates shall constitute a quorum. A simple majority vote of members present shall be required for any action. Duly authorized alternates may vote as members. All meetings of CODHHE shall be open to […]

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CODHHE shall have the power necessary: to adopt by-laws and rules for its organization and the conduct of business; to establish committees; and to specify officers, terms of members and officers, procedures to fill member vacancies, and duties of its officers.

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CODHHE Membership

CODHHE shall consist of the following members: individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing; legal representatives or guardians of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing; state and local agency representatives; representatives from statewide deaf and hard of hard of hearing consumer organizations; Delaware Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Wilmington […]

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